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Since there are a few questions popping up every now and then:


Where to get what, which ones do I use.

Click on the name to get to the linked website. Happy browsing.



Most of the fabrics used for my sample sewing comes either from  THE FABRIC SALES or are old treasures from my stash

But be prepared to regularly see old upcycled curtains, bedthrows or sheets since I do love to think and keep it as sustainable as possible.


Hardware & Co.

Espacially for my bag sewing patterns sometimes it's not that easy to find all the supplies neeeded. In general it's hard do be successful with shopping at only one shop, but I listed a few nice and well sorted shops below where you have a good chance to get happy.

Bag closures and other supply: 

Bags and Pieces (Germany), longlasting!

Lederheidi (Germany)

Leatherbox (Belgium)

Ryffel Felle (Switzerland)

Kreando (Switzerland) 

If not in a hurry, Etsy or AliExpress can be very helpful, too. But please remember to support small businesses first.

Fusibles, interfacing & ribbing: 

Snaply (Germany)

Kreando (Switzerland) 


Lederversand Berlin (Germany)

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